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I'm a big (6'4/230+), 29 year old Marine living in SoCal. This profile is geared for my personal interest in Straight Superiority/Fag inferiority.

Interest: Domestic chores, fag bashing, financial domination, body worship, skullfucking, enforced chastity (only men should cum).

There's a lot of personal requests I get on here, so if you're going to bring that up, email me at or send a message on here that's not anon. DO NOT SEND AN ANON REQUEST HERE! Anon is only for general questions.

31st March 2012

Question with 4 notes

Anonymous said: My straight men friends treat me as their equal and they know i'm gay. How can i reverse the situation for me to serve them?

Actively make yourself unequal. Do favors and provide service/drinks/etc. If you subtly change the dynamics, they’ll exploit it.

  1. slavethompson said: This faggot is trying hard to make that happen !